Linde Bryk

Strategic Legal Advisor Bureau Clara Wichmann & Director Amsterdam Law Clinics
Linde Bryk is the director of the Amsterdam Law Clinics of the University of Amsterdam. She is also a strategic legal advisor for women's rights organization Bureau Clara Wichmann that engages in strategic litigation to advance women's rights in the Netherlands. Prior to joining the University of Amsterdam and Bureau Clara Wichmann, she worked as a lawyer in the Netherlands, as a human rights officer for the European Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo and for Berlin based NGO the European Center for Constitutional Rights (ECCHR). At ECCHR she was involved in strategic litigation regarding business and human rights. Linde is a graduate of NYU School of Law (LL.M) and University of Groningen (LL.M.).
Speaking at Inspiring the Next Generation: Collaboration Between Law Schools and NGOs, Tuesday October 18