Milena Banic (2010)

Belgrade , SRB
Milena Banic is Program Coordinator at the Child Rights Centre (CRC), a Serbian NGO, where she advocates for the protection of children's rights in family law and the criminal and legal protection of juvenile perpetrators. Her work at CRC also includes providing trainings on children's rights awareness to staff members of NGOs and various governmental ministries. Milena is also a lawyer at NGO Astra - Anti Trafficking Action, where she provides legal advice and represents victims of human trafficking in court. At Union University School of Law in Belgrade, Milena serves as a supervising attorney for the Family Law Clinic and leads several workshops and trainings on non-violent communication and conflict resolution for children and families. Milena graduated from the the University of Belgrade's law school in 2002, and then received a master’s degree in children's rights at the Union University Faculty of Law in cooperation with the European Network of Master’s Degrees in Children's Rights. She is currently working on an additional master’s degree in European integration at the University Belgrade's Faculty of Law. As a PILnet International Fellow, Milena developed a project to promote the enforcement of children's rights legislation in Serbia.