Nebojsa Vlajic (2003)

Mitrovica, Kosovo , USA
Nebojsa Vlajic is based in Mitrovica, Kosovo, where he leads the Nebojsa Vlajic Law Office and is a senior lecturer at the International College of Mitrovica. Prior to this, he was a legal advisor in the Norwegian Refugee Council’s Civil Rights Project, which offers free legal aid and information to refugees, internally displaced persons, and minorities. Nebojsa also served as a staff attorney with the Center for Democracy and Law, an indigenous organization that promotes democracy, rule of law, and civil society values. After completing his official tenure there, he continued being engaged with the Center as a volunteer counselor. As a PILnet International Fellow, Nebojsa worked on a project to establish a mobile legal aid clinic in Kosovo to serve minority enclaves in the province of Mitrovica.