Shree Krishna Subedi (2006)

Kathmandu , NPL
Shree Krishna Subedi is the executive director of INHURED International and the president of Public Interest Law Advocacy and Litigation Nepal (PILAL). PILAL was established and is run by the PILnet International Fellows of Nepal; the organization aims to advance human rights in Nepal through litigation and advocacy and works in close partnership with PILnet. Shree is also a member of the Nepal Bar Association, World Society of Victimology, and a founding member of Young Lawyers for Human Rights in Nepal. Shree’s major responsibilities include litigation and advocacy on human rights defense and promotion at the national level; program implementation; project planning; and supervision of programs and staff. He has written or edited more than twenty books, such as the Human Rights Education Book, Legal Rights Education Book, Selected Truth and Reconciliation Regimes: A Case Study of Nepal, and An Assessment Report on the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, among others.  Shree completed post-graduate studies in the Victimology and Victim Assistance program at Tokiwa University (Japan). As a PILnet International Fellow, Shree developed a project on transitional justice in Nepal.