Song Jing (2011)

Beijing , CHN
Song Jing is the project coordinator for the World Resources Institute’s Climate and Energy Program. In this role, Ms. Song conducts research, focusing on public participation in environmental justice activism. Prior to this, she was a project officer with the Environmental Legal Service Center of the All-China Environment Federation (ACEF), an organization that protects public environmental rights through pro bono legal aid. During her four years at ACEF, Song organized a number of forums and seminars on environmental issues targeting lawyers across China and drafted legal reports and proposals advocating for strengthened environmental legislation. She also organized annual or biennial volunteer law training clinics on the protection of environmental rights. Through this program she helped provide clinical education about environmental public interest law to hundreds of lawyers across China. She also established a public pollution complaints line, which provides callers with legal guidance about their cases from lawyers and environmental experts. Song received a bachelor’s degree in legal studies from Beijing Forestry University and a master’s degree in economic law from Renmin University of China. As a PILnet International Fellow, she developed a project aimed at protecting environmental rights in China within the context of human rights, with a focus on creating codified mechanisms for public interest litigation in China.