Tatjana Evas (2000)

Bremen , DEU
Tatjana Evas currently works with Bremen University in Germany. Prior to this, she was a lawyer with the Legal Information Centre for Human Rights in Tallinn, Estonia, a non-governmental organization established to combat ethnic tension in Estonia by monitoring and protecting human rights, in particular the rights of minorities and stateless people. Tatjana's focus at the Legal Information Centre for Human Rights was promoting and protecting the human rights of the Russian-speaking minority in Estonia. As a PILnet International Fellow, Tatjana drafted a model law on citizenship aimed at dealing with citizenship law reform in Estonia. Upon her return to Estonia, Tatjana focused on issues related to Estonia's compliance with domestic and international obligations relating to treatment of minorities and adherence to human rights principles, including monitoring and analyzing legislation, preparing reports and publications, and providing legal services and litigating cases.