Tong Lihua (2004)

Beijing , CHN
Tong Lihua is Director of Beijing Zhicheng Law Firm and Beijing Child Legal Aid and Research Center. Mr. Tong founded the latter, which is the largest children's legal aid NGO in China. He also serves as Director of the Special Committee for Child Protection of the National Chinese Lawyers' Association. Among his accomplishments, Tong initiated the most encompassing cigarette suit in China, set up the children's rights protection lawyer network across China and is the first lawyer to promote Chinese corporate lawyers to participate in public interest law. He also participates in the development of legislation on the provincial, as well as the national level, playing an important role in each area. Tong has authored and edited twenty-eight legal publications, and graduated from the Chinese University of Political Science and Law with a Bachelor's of Arts in 1995. As a PILnet International Fellow, Tong developed a project on promoting children’s rights in China.