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WeDoCare aims to provide assistance for domestic abuse victims and raise general awareness towards the issue of domestic violence in light of the escalated occurrences since the outbreak of COVID-19. Our project is specifically structured in accordance with this year’s themes of “community” and “resilience” - we hope to create a strengthened community for people who have experienced domestic violence in which they can receive long-term support for recovering from their unpleasant experiences. Currently, people who have gone through domestic abuse are either not aware of the support platforms available to them or reluctant to voice out their experiences, which is why we want to let them know that they are not as isolated as they thought through this project. We also want to make the general public part of their community to diminish any prejudice our society might have towards domestic violence. Ultimately, we hope to develop our project into one that could alleviate the problem of domestic violence in Hong Kong in the long run.