Yevgeniy Zhovtis

Yevgeniy Zhovtis is the director of the Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law, a member of the IBA Human Rights Institute Board and a member of the OSCE / ODIHR Panel of Experts on Freedom of Assembly and Association. Zhovtis one of the drafters of the OSCE Guidelines on Freedom of Assembly. In 2020 Zhovtis and his organization have been critical of the proposed revisions to the Kazakhstani law on assembly because it was generally not compliant with international human rights standards and there are severe and unjustified restraints on the time and place of assemblies, and burdens placed on the organizers of assemblies. In 2019-2021 the organization Zhovtis is leading organizes monitoring of assemblies in all regions of Kazakhstan and provides legal aid to peaceful protesters being prosecuted by the police.