Zhang Wenjuan (Wendy) (2006)

Beijing , CHN
Zhang Wenjuan (Wendy) is an Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for International Collaborations of Jindal Global Law School in India.  She is also leading the Center for India-China Studies of the Jindal Global University.  Before joining the Jindal Global Law School, Zhang worked as a public interest lawyer in China for over nine years.  She served as Vice Director of Zhicheng Public Interest Lawyers, the biggest public interest law organization in China, and Deputy Director of Beijing Children’s Legal Aid and Research Center. Zhang obtained her law degree in 2004 from Perking University Law School and subsequently an LL.M. from Columbia Law School in 2014. She was a visiting scholar at Yale and Columbia Law Schools. Currently, Zhang  is a Marc Haas Fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice. Her research focus is child law, lawyering for change and collaborative governance. As a PILnet International Fellow, Zhang developed a project related to the promotion of children’s rights in China