“European Bars and Pro Bono” is a report commissioned by the European Pro Bono Initiative, a group of Pro Bono Managers working for international law firms managing pro bono practices in Continental Europe. The report is written by Özgür Kahale (Director of Pro Bono, Europe, DLA Piper) with contributions from members of the European Pro Bono Alliance, including PILnet.

This report, based on surveys conducted in 12 different European countries, highlights how different Bar Associations view and support pro bono work. Across the continent, there is a growing interest in and commitment to pro bono by law firms and individual lawyers – evidenced notably by the establishment of the European Pro Bono Initiative. As such, the report is a resource for European Bars to engage more robustly with lawyers undertaking pro bono projects and learn from their peers in other jurisdictions. Moreover, it is a resource for law firms and clearinghouses to start a conversation with Bars on how to develop meaningful partnerships.