The following resources provide legal research to help NGOs understand how the sanctions regime might impact them and understand how some of these risks could be managed. The information collected is general, and based on public information from official resources. Should an NGO need further legal assistance with a specific question, it can request help from PILnet’s global legal network.

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Compliance Guides


Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, different countries and regional organizations around the world have imposed sanctions on Russia and Belarus, as a means to put pressure on Russia’s government to end the invasion. These sanctions take different forms and have different targets (sectors/individuals/companies etc.).

While the objective of these sanctions is not to affect organizations such as NGOs who operate in or have links with Russia, inevitably these sanctions might have direct or indirect impacts on them. For example, an NGO might consider whether it can pay its employees, contractors or partners in Russia and, if so, how, given that SWIFT is suspended.

The goal of these compliance guides is to help NGOs understand how the sanctions might impact them and manage risk. More country guides will be added as they become available.