About the Project

Employees’ Compensation Personal Injuries Network (“EC-PIN”) is a student-led pro bono legal project, which strives for easy protection of workers’ rights to injury compensation. With 3 main components, this project aims to empower both workers whose right to employees’ compensation is statutorily protected and workers whose rights have not been recognized.


  1. To empower all workers through equipping them with knowledge of their right to injury compensation and tools to help them exercise this right;
  2. To raise public awareness of the inadequate support given to workers, especially gig workers, and the law of employee compensation; and
  3. To collaborate with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), councillors and lawyers to put forward policy proposals to protect workers who are currently not statutorily protected, particularly gig workers.

Team members:

  • Chau Yun Hang, The University of Hong Kong
  • Chen Yung, The University of Hong Kong
  • Lee Vivian Wei, The University of Hong Kong
  • Leung Hoi Yan Holly, The University of Hong Kong
  • Wong Julie, The University of Hong Kong