About the Project

WeDoCare aims to provide assistance for domestic abuse victims and raise general awareness towards the issue of domestic violence in light of the escalated occurrences since the outbreak of COVID-19. They hope to create a strengthened community for people who have experienced domestic violence in which they can receive long-term support for recovering from their unpleasant experiences.


  1. To empower victims through the knowledge;
  2. To provide victims a platform to seek help from social workers and lawyers;
  3. To provide legal training for social workers regarding the legal problems that might be faced bydomestic violence victims; and
  4. To raise awareness of the public towards domestic violence.

Team members: 

  • Fung Sze Wing Esther, The University of Hong Kong
  • Lee La Hey Linelle, The University of Hong Kong
  • Lo Kwan Yee Jessie, The University of Hong Kong
  • Mok Kai Hin Matthew, The University of Hong Kong
  • Wong Chi Long, The University of Hong Kong


The Team is currently recruiting student helpers. Law students who are familiar with legal procedures and terminologies and have the passion to help the victims of domestic violence are welcomed. For more information, you may refer to their poster and recruitment particulars.