Webinar Held for German Refugees

Together with our partners, PILnet is using law to empower refugee entrepreneurs. On February 15th, PILnet collaborated with Orrick and Niuversity to hold a webinar educating refugees about laws related to establishing and running businesses.

During this webinar, the team of lawyers from Orrick explained what refugee entrepreneurs in Germany, especially those from Arabic speaking countries, should consider when establishing businesses. The team delved into aspects of the various legal forms of companies, as well as non-profit entities that can be established. They also outlined the steps for setting up the various companies, fees and licenses that are required, tax considerations, contract and compliance laws and regulations, as well legal questions related to immigration status. During a Q&A session, questions about GDPR and privacy law compliance were addressed.

This event demonstrated how different entities, such as law firms, clearinghouses, and civil society, can collaborate to provide communities the tools they need to succeed.