“True change is born from the power of coming together, where diverse voices unite to build resilient communities and shape a just and equitable future.”

Wendy Otieno

At PILnet, we believe that the strength of civil society lies in its ability to come together, share knowledge, and support one another. From April 15 to 19, our teammates participated in the Weaving Resilience Initiative in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The Weaving Resilience network is a vibrant assembly of resource hubs committed to empowering civil society organizations (CSOs) in the Global South.

PILnet’s team at the event

As a global, locally present civil society organization, PILnet collaborates with legal professionals and CSOs worldwide to protect civic space, address global challenges, and foster just, equitable, and sustainable societies. We believe that through opportunities for linking and learning such as these, we are able to build a strong, interconnected community championing for justice. The initiative meeting took place over a course of four days with each day providing an array of conversations and activities for the approximately 80 participants from the Global South who came together.

PILnet’s Program Director: Civic Space, Anastassiya Miller (second from left) at the Financial sustainability panel

One of the highlights was our involvement in the workshop on Financial Sustainability for CSOs, conducted in partnership with Cometa and KCDF. This workshop garnered significant interest and attracted the highest number of registrations at the event, underscoring the critical need for sustainable financial strategies within the sector. Additionally, our curated Gallery Walk facilitated meaningful interactions among participants, allowing them to gain deeper insights into each other’s projects and initiatives.

We remain enthusiastic about our commitment to continue working and learning with the Weaving Resilience Initiative. We are excited about two key Working Groups: the Convening Working Group, which will develop resources and facilitate knowledge exchange events, and the Academy of Principles, aimed at defining foundational principles such as anti-racism, anti-patriarchy, anti-ableism, and anti-colonialism.