Opening event

Join us for the opening event of the European Pro Bono Week 2022 on 21 November at 2pm CET.

Tune in to hear from:

  • Commissioner Janez Lenarčič, European Commission
  • Olga Vorontsova-Mykhailova, UNHCR
  • Zuzanna Rudzińska-Bluszcz, Client Earth
  • Lucy Westcott, Committee to Protect Journalists
  • Phil Worthington, European Lawyers in Lesvos

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Opening Event Speakers

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Olga Voronstova-Mykhailova

10770 +

Zuzanna Rudzińska-Bluszcz

10768 +

Lucy Westcott

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Phil Worthington

Managing Director, European Lawyers in Lesvos

Country events


November 22: The event will look at how pro bono is supporting the vulnerable and displaced in Belgium at a time of war and climate change, and how we can help.

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November 22, 23, and 25: Nous vous invitons à une semaine dédiée au pro bono en France. Les événements réuniront les acteurs français du pro bono, autour du thème des crises.

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France (Ukraine-related event)

November 25: Join us for this workshop, that will provide you with more information regarding the help that pro bono lawyers can bring to Ukrainians on the move.

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November 21-25: German Pro Bono Week focuses on outstanding pro bono projects addressing current crises and offers seminars for non-profit organizations.

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November 22: State of pro bono in Hungary and lawyers' self-organized initiatives for pro bono work.

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November 21-25: Ireland Pro Bono Week 2022 will comprise of 7 events (in-person and online), and are aimed at the legal community and NGOs.

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November 23:Pro Bono Italia, its partners, and local firms will be celebrating European Pro Bono Week by holding the 5th Italy Pro Bono Day.

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November 21-24: Local organisers are hosting several events focusing on promoting and facilitating pro bono collaborations and partnerships in times of crisis.

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November 17: During the Pro Bono Day we will discuss the best legal practices in the field of pro bono activities during the migration crisis.

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November 24: The main event is focused on topic Philanthropy and Law, to inspire and spread spread interest in philanthropy, CSR and pro bono in the practice.

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November 22, 23, & 24 Please join the Spanish pro bono community in addressing some of our most important initiative and projects, regarding pro bono in times of crisis.

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November 23: Webinar "Factchecking for everyone": how to fight fakes and propaganda for ordinary Ukrainians?

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