Support for Refugee NGOs

The Roundtable will enable NGOs that work with or support refugees to pitch their concrete pro bono project ideas to law firms and will facilitate interactive discussions between them. The objective is to create a platform for inclusive partnerships and collaborations between the legal community and RLO/NGOs in Asia to support the Global Refugee Forum pledge to be operationalized in the region.

To put their commitment to the GRF pledge into action, it is expected that law firms come to the Roundtable with the intention to take on one or more of the projects pitched. Participation is welcome from law firms that have not signed on to the pledge yet, though they will be encouraged to do so.

Follow-up support to match law firms with RLO/NGOs and to establish a pro bono partnership will also be provided by PILnet and the Core Group after the Roundtable. Whether a firm has signed the Pledge will be a factor considered during the matching process.

The Roundtable and all workshops will take place virtually via zoom in August. Exact date is TBD.

Leading up to the roundtable, two preparatory workshops will be held to support legal aid service providers, RLOs and other NGOs working with and for refugees and others forcibly displaced, to develop pro bono projects to be pitched at the Roundtable.

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