Full agenda coming soon

October 19, 2020: Live Meetings

All times to be determined.

  • Pro Bono Professionals meeting

For law firm pro bono professionals, this meeting is presented in partnership with the Association of Pro Bono Counsel (APBCo). APBCo hopes to run this session several times across the day to cover a wide range of time zones. Once you have registered, APBCo will be in touch to share details of potential slots so that you can choose which one you wish to attend.

This year’s session will help attendees prepare for the wider discussions that will take place at the PILnet Forum while also focusing on insight specific to the pro bono role within law firms. The session will begin with discussion on how law firm pro bono professionals use data – and how we could use it better. Then the session will reflect on remote working and resilience: what our community has learned from the sudden, global, remote working experience and how we can retain the positives and avoid the negatives. Finally, the session will consider race equity: race equity through the eyes of our pro bono profession, race equity work to educate ourselves as pro bono professionals, and the process of engaging our firms in race equity work.

  • In-House Counsel meetings

For in-house pro bono professionals, providing peer-to-peer insight into trends and challenges of doing legal pro bono work within companies and an exchange of best practices. This meeting will be held in two separate sessions: 

    • In-House Pro Bono for Europe and the Americas at 8am PST / 11am EST / 5pm CEST
    • In-House Pro Bono for Europe and Asia at 11am CEST / 5pm HKT
  • Clearinghouse meeting

For bono clearinghouses to exchange ideas and inspire peers from around the world for building resilient and sustainable pro bono infrastructure. This meeting will be held in two separate sessions: One for Europe/Asia and one for Europe/Americas. Additional information is coming soon.

October 20, 2020: Live Sessions

All times to be determined.

  • Keynote session: Data and Pro Bono Impact
    • Dev Stahlkopf, Corporate Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at Microsoft Corporation
    • Elizabeth Andersen, Executive Director at World Justice Project
    • Sarah E. Mendelson, Distinguished Service Professor Of Public Policy And Head Of Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Featured session: Addressing Systemic Racism
    • Nersan Govender, National Director of the Legal Resources Centre
    • Margareta Matache, Instructor and Director of the Roma Program at Harvard University, the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights
    • Vincent Warren, Executive Director at Center for Constitutional Rights
  • Climate Change and the Law
  • Mixed Migration Flows
  • How Pro Bono Lawyers Can Help Protect Unaccompanied Children as They Move Across Europe in Search of Safety
  • Collaboration to Tackle Grand Corruption
  • Building Legal Resilience to SLAPPs
  • Rethinking Technology, Pro Bono and Access to Justice
  • Partnering for Children’s Rights

October 21, 2020: Live Sessions

All times to be determined.

  • Featured Session: Pro Bono’s Response to Covid-19
  • Impact Investment & SDG 16
  • Mobilizing the Global Legal Community to Protect and Find Solutions for Refugees and Forcibly Displaced
  • Strategic Litigation
  • Contemporary Issues in Digital Rights and Privacy
  • Impact of Covid-19 on Vulnerable Communities


We are making the Virtual Global Forum free and open to all this year, but we deeply appreciate voluntary donations to help us to cover the costs of the event.