For Hong Kong Organizations

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1. If our employees or volunteers work from home that results in the loss or misplacement of client data or other confidential information, what would be the liabilities for our organization, if any?

2. What kind of health data can we collect from the employees and our service users? What are our obligations in collecting and storing such data?

3. If our employees’ job nature cannot be fulfilled from home, is it okay if we ask them to take annual leave days or reduce working hours? What are the legal implications behind such measures?

4. What are our obligations when an employee is sick or under government-ordered quarantine?

5. What are our obligations to the employees who are vulnerable to contracting COVID- 19 or have caregiving responsibilities when the schools are closed?

6. Can we ask our employee not to take on personal travel?

7. If we need to hire a new employee on a temporary contract for 6 months, would this person be eligible for applying the funding under the Employment Support Scheme (ESS)? What is our obligation under ESS?

Any legal questions related to Covid-19 can be answered by the lawyers in PILnet’s network through the Covid-19 virtual clinic. For other legal assistance, submit a clearinghouse request.

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