Just Law aims to improve users’ – of the mobile app – access to legal information and allow them to get a better understanding on their legal rights and options, and to make more informed decisions. The project aims at improving access to justice for all and increasing the chance to be equally heard regardless of wealth, social status or educational background.


  1. Help users acquire a basic understanding of the relevant laws with layman-friendly language and easy workflow before they seek advice from lawyers
  2. Help users address certain legal problems with the power of the community
  3. To inform the general public about where
    to seek free or subsidized legal assistance
  4. To collect data for future justice development in Hong Kong


Team Members:

Li Pui Wun Alison, The University of Hong Kong
Kwok Yuet Yi, The University of Hong Kong
Tse Yik Ting, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Read the full proposal here.