Applications for session proposals are now closed.

For full details, read the session guidelines

We invite you to organize a session for the 2023 Global Forum in Brussels. 

We don’t just want your ideas for sessions, we want you to take full ownership and create, organize, and facilitate a Forum session so that you play an integral role in shaping the conversations at the Forum. At the Forum, we strive to exchange knowledge of best practices using the law to support civil society with the goal to spark new ideas or develop projects and partnerships.

If your session proposal is selected, you will take responsibility for organizing your session, including inviting and liaising with speakers, planning the content and timing of the session, and facilitating it at the Forum. A PILnet staff member will work with and support you on all logistical and technical aspects of your session. 

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]

Guideline Overview


Sessions may relate to any topic of relevance to pro bono and public interest lawyering with the goal to generate and share new ideas, make connections, and set actionable plans that use legal tools and the expertise of lawyers to build just, equitable, and sustainable societies. We will prioritize high-quality interactive sessions ideas that:

  • feature diverse speakers,
  • interactively engage the audience as participants, and
  • explore innovative ideas and approaches for the use of pro bono and public interest lawyering.

Session coordinators will be responsible for:

  • planning the content and structure of the session.
  • ensuring interactivity to engage participants.
  • identifying and inviting speakers, confirming and supporting their participation, and communicating with them about the session.
  • ensuring that the coordinator and all speakers are registered for the Forum and provide their headshot and biography to the PILnet team.
  • facilitating the session at the Forum.


Session Content and Approach

The purpose of the Forum is two-fold. We strive to:

  • Exchange knowledge of best practices using the law to support civil society with the goal to spark new ideas or develop new projects and partnerships.
  • Provide a platform for our partners to network and strengthen relationships.

Global Forum sessions should be more than just presentations of past work. Participants
repeatedly voice that they want to explore and engage with new ideas that they can take back and apply to their own work. Therefore, we are looking for sessions on best practices and lessons learned from projects that can be expanded to new jurisdictions or communities. We are also interested in sessions that allow participants to grapple with and discuss current themes and challenges in their work and the community at large.

Proposals that do the following will be given a strong preference:

  • encourage open discussion, collaboration, and interactivity — rather than those that are in a lecture format or a sequence of presentations with a Q&A.
  • both explore innovative models and approaches as well as prioritize diversity and inclusion through both participation and format will be given preference.

You should consider the diversity of Forum participants and the larger community and partners when organizing your session.

Please note, chosen sessions may be streamed to virtual registrants who will be able to comment and pose questions.

For full details, read the session guidelines

Please read the Session Proposals Guidelines and Procedures in full and follow all instructions closely. Please provide as much detail as possible to the questions below; this will allow PILnet to choose the best sessions. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.

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