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Thank you to all those who joined the 2023 PILnet Global Forum on October 16-18 at the nHow Brussels Bloom.

We’re looking forward to continue learning different best practices from our partners on how law can support civil society next year in Bangkok!


2023 Agenda

In 2023, hundreds of lawyers and advocates convened for engaging workshops, inspiring presentations, and in-depth panel discussions on topics such as pro bono in times of crisis, access to justice for refugees, climate justice, reproductive rights, racial justice and much more! 

2023 Agenda


PILnet Global Awards

PILnet’s Global Awards celebrate and honor the extraordinary efforts made by you to strengthen civil society, advance social change, and protect the public interest through two awards, the PILnet Global Partnership Award and the PILnet Local Impact Award.


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About PILnet Global Forums

The PILnet Global Forum highlighted that the need for pro bono is rising and so is the need for new, innovative ways to deliver these services to enhance access to justice globally.

Rachel Ampaire Mishambi, Programme Manager, The Hague Institute for the Innovation of Law

PILnet strengthens all links to create opportunities for social change by using a golden key: Law.

Gregory Vijayendran, President, Law Society of Singapore

I’ve attended the PILnet Forum for many years and each year I come away with a new insight and connection. It is a unique space bringing together a global community with the common aim of improving access to justice through the power of pro bono.

Eithne Lynch, Head of Pro Bono at A&L Goodbody, Dublin