I can’t join a session. What do I do?

First, try refreshing your browser.

Then, make sure that you:

  • are logged in to Hopin
  • are joining from a computer (not a mobile device)
  • are using a recently updated version of the Google Chrome browser (instructions to update)
  • are not stuck behind your company’s Firewall (if so, disable your Firewall or use a personal computer and/or personal email)

You can also:

  • check your browser permissions (see instructions here)
  • restart your web browser
  • open an incognito window and join Hopin from there
  • try closing all other applications, browser windows, and tabs except for the Hopin PILnet Forum site

I’m having video or audio problems.

First, try refreshing your browser.


  • Give your browser permission to access your camera and mic (see instructions here).
  • Check whether the correct audio device is selected in your operating system (see here for instructions for Windows and for Mac)
  • If that doesn’t work, confirm that no other application is using your camera or mic.
  • If that doesn’t work, restart your computer.

I’m still having trouble. What can I do?