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Trafficking in persons is a complex and multifaceted form of human rights violation so a broad array of new tools and strategies are needed to effectively combat it. The often transnational nature of the crime also requires effective cooperation and coordination of stakeholders in multiple jurisdictions.

To improve access to justice for victims of trafficking in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia, PILnet, in collaboration with the Regional Legal Impact Hub of Liberty Shared, is building networks of pro bono lawyers, increasing their knowledge on relevant topics, and strengthening national and regional cooperation. Local PILnet coordinators in Hong Kong, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia are building relationships with local lawyers and organizing workshops to increase their understanding of the anti-trafficking legal framework and deepen their technical knowledge about their specific jurisdictions.

Through this project, PILnet encourages collaborations between these organizations and the legal sector by hosting roundtables and developing a specialized clearinghouse for anti-trafficking NGOs assisting these ATIP NGOs and their clients to find legal assistance.As part of this project, lawyers will assist anti-trafficking organizations on a pro bono basis on matters ranging from assistance with prosecution, victim protection and compensation, strategic litigation to providing internal legal trainings, legal advice, and other internal legal matters such as staff contracts, NGO registration, tax matters.

Key Achievements

2020 Forum Session

Understanding a Trafficking Survivor’s Journey was a session at PILnet’s 2020 Virtual Forum that gave an overview of a trafficking survivor’s journey, from understanding the vulnerabilities and root causes of the first step to migration, to the identification phase, protection needs, and analysis of potential solutions.

Moderator: Sophie Otiende, Regional Operations Manager – Africa, Liberty Shared


  • Janice Chan, CEO, Sons & Daughters
  • Oleksandr Kyrylenko, Office of the OSCE, Special Representative and Coordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings
  • Leah Orwoba, Lawyer and Vice Chairperson, Victim Protection Board Kenya


Understanding a Trafficking Survivor’s Journey

Almost 60 international and local law firms and dozens of organizations in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam are a part of PILnet's Anti-Trafficking in Persons Network

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2024 Global Forum

This Way: Finding Community Legal Assistance in Hong Kong

“I needed to visit many different departments, and I also had to pay court fees, so I didn’t even dare to eat. Every night I was so hungry I could not sleep.”
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