For Visegrad Students

PILnet invited university students from the Visegrad region — Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia — to submit ideas for an innovative and viable project addressing a societal, legal, economical, or environmental issue. Students of various disciplines (such as law, political science, business and economics, communications, social sciences, and informatics) were invited to submit essays or media presentations that conveys well-grounded solutions to address a pressing societal, legal, economical, or environmental issue in the region and the business case for the proposed ideas.


  • Strengthening the impact of civil society organizations and/or social entrepreneurs in helping vulnerable individuals or communities either locally, regionally, nationally, or across the borders in the V4 countries.
  • Building a bridge between the business sector and civil society sector by innovative means for higher social impact to address societal, organizational, or individual needs locally, regionally, nationally, or in multiple V4 countries.
  • Utilizing Information Technology by creating new applications or transforming/extending already existing applications, platforms, or other IT tools for enabling higher quality solutions to address societal, organizational, or individual needs locally, regionally, nationally, or in multiple V4 countries.

Featured submissions

Below are the featured submissions from this year’s competition. Winners will be announced soon!

Chat Lawyer app

Submitted by László Kührner (law student of Eötvös Loránd University) and Kenéz Szabó (law student of Pázmány Péter Catholic University) members of The Streetlawyer Association. The Streetlawyer Association is a human rights NGO working to enforce the rights and interests of homeless people and people living in housing poverty. It operates as a group of volunteer lawyers.

With the Chat Lawyer service, they would like to expand their service to even more people in need. The App would be free, and clients can choose from different topics (e.g. housing, job loss, eviction, police case), and can find guidelines and good to know basic information.  The Chat Lawyer connects the client to the professional lawyer. It also helps social workers who are in daily contact with homeless people.

Sun in a Soul

Submitted by Adéla Rajdlová.

She proposed a project that can help many young adults to start living after they leave an orphanage, including finding the right place for them to live, helping them with finding work by connecting them to companies, and helping those who are looking for a work.


Submitted by Michaella Pěronková.

QuEducation allows people (children, learners, teachers, parents, society) to find a desire in learning, teaching, exploring, studying, during the whole process of the life, in meaningful and effective ways.  QuEducation creates a rich opportunity for those who are eager to learn. It gives choices such as, “Do you prefer learning in the classroom or in the library?” and so on. Self-directed learning is not for everyone but neither are schools and QuEducation realizes this. To sum it up, the flexible integrated solution is to offer people knowledge of their education pathways.

Gardenshare application

Submitted by František Kousal.

The project is about an application that would work on the essence of a shared economy thus possibly increasing the biodiversity of the land, thanks to work, planting of various crops, flowers, and the introduction of nutrients into the soil. At the same time, the soil cultivated in this way supports the retention of water in the soil, which is especially important in the current situation in the Czech Republic. If the project were successful at the level of the Czech Republic, it would be possible to extend it to other V4 countries.


  • Polish Legal Clinics Foundation

  • Legal Clinic of Palacký University Olomouc Faculty of Law

  • Campus Legal Clinic at University of Pécs Faculty of Law

  • Pontis Foundation Slovakia

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