About the Project

Port-of-Call Initiative aims to empower the asylum seeker and refugee community in Hong Kong educationally and to reduce the current bias of the local community towards asylum seekers and refugees.


To empower the young generation of the refugee community to seek inclusive and equitable quality education and explore their potential in a more inclusive learning environment, such that in the long run, they may enhance personal capability and contribute to the wider community.


  • Education Guide
    The team published two editions of an Education Guide about admission to both local and overseas institutions in detail. Hard copies were distributed to asylum seekers and refugees and various NGOs.
    You may read their Education Guide here.


  • Education Talk
    The team held an Education talk for refugees and asylum seekers on applying for university, with the sharing of Innocent Mutanga, a former asylum seeker who attended university in Hong Kong, and Susan Yu, a career counsellor at the Department of Law of The University of Hong Kong.


  • Human Library
    The Human Library, “The Stories of Refugees” was held on 29 July 2023. Three current and former asylum seekers shared their passion and experiences in learning and pursuing higher education in Hong Kong.  Branches of Hope, a local NGO that serves the asylum seeker and refugee community in Hong Kong, also talked about the difficulties asylum seekers and refugees face in Hong Kong.
    The goal of the event was to remove stigmas attached to asylum seekers and refugees in the community, foster deeper communication, and promote inclusivity and fairness in Hong Kong.About 40 members of the public attended the Human Library.


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