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PILnet serves as the Secretariat of the Hong Kong Pro Bono Roundtable, which was created to connect, activate, and coordinate pro bono lawyers in Hong Kong to maximize the impact of their efforts, such as mobilizing legal services, organizing joint interventions, and building a pro bono community. A longtime participant, PILnet leads the coordination of the Roundtable to help steer it toward becoming a vehicle for more substantive action, collaboration, and information sharing.

The Roundtable’s network represents more than 80 institutions, including a substantial number of the global law firms who have a presence in Hong Kong, as well as local law firms, in-house legal teams, barristers, law schools, and NGOs. The group meets once per quarter, with a steering committee coordinating the meetings. Each meeting lasts for 1.5 hours, and includes a substantive topic, practice pointers, and group discussions. We aim to meet in person in Hong Kong, and to provide an option to join virtually where possible.

We welcome all legal professionals who are interested in pro bono and are looking for ways to actively participate. Pro bono coordinators or managers are also welcome to join. Interested lawyers and legal professionals can request to join by clicking the button below.

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Past Topics

Topics from 2024

Topics from the past several years include the following:


  • Q4 2022 – Sharing from Pro Bono Managers: 2022 Highlights & 2023 Plans
  • Q3 2022 – People with Disabilities
  • Q2 2022 – Domestic Workers & Trafficking
  • Q1 2022 – Technology in Pro Bono


  • Q4 2021 – Children’s Rights
  • Q3 2021 – LGBTQI+ Landscape in Hong Kong
  • Q2 2021 – Women’s Rights, Gender Equality and Sexual Violence
  • Q1 2021 – Housing and Homelessness
  • Q4 2020 – Covid-19
  • Q3 2020 – People with Disabilities
  • Q2 2020 – Partnering with In-house Counsel
  • Q1 2020 – Legal Aid Applications; Section 88 Compliance

This Way: Finding Community Legal Assistance in Hong Kong

“I needed to visit many different departments, and I also had to pay court fees, so I didn’t even dare to eat. Every night I was so hungry I could not sleep.”
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Clearinghouse Report 2019

PILnet helped 141 NGOs form partnerships with 92 law firms in 48 jurisdictions around the world in 2019.
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Pro Bono Handbook

The Pro Bono Handbook is designed to help your law firm develop an efficient, effective pro bono program with far-reaching impact.
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